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A professional organizer is a person who can help you organize any physical space in your life — a closet, a kitchen or home office. She will offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help her clients establish order and clarity.


Sleek Living Organizers come to you for a consultation to evaluate your space, your needs and goals. Also, to talk about your style and what you would like and your lifestyle. It is important to come for a consultation to estimate the scope of work, the amount of time needed and be able to provide a quote.

It is a real job; some people are skilled for it. Someone told me one day; “I could do it myself why should I hire you?”, my answer was I can cut my own hair, but I won’t look good.

It is a profession, it’s time consuming, we know what we do, we are fast, we have the experience and a vision, we know exactly what to get to organize and maximize your space.

You need someone who will get to the root of why your disorganization or lack of productivity is happening in the first place, and help you work through the psychological part.

There are many ways, you can look up the closest one from your house and call to ask a question. Instagram and Facebook are also great ways to search or ask questions to a group. Word of mouth is always a safe bet as well.


You should always speak on the phone first, make sure the fees/ timeline work for you. Then you can ask all the questions you want during the consultation and their opinion on what they will do and how. The feeling is very important.

Pricing, Timeline, availability and what they would do for your project, how they envision it, how their work will improve your life.

You should look for criteria that are important for you depending on your project.

Will they be able to do a full house in a reasonable amount of time, will they be able to come in and spend as many days as needed for your move.

Will they bring all the supplies necessary, so you do not have to take care of anything at all.

This is not a question that can be answered without seeing a place. That’s why the first consultation is very important. Every space and lifestyle are different, we cannot estimate a job without seeing it first. A same size closet can take double the time if its overflowing with clothes and shoes, if you want to edit and declutter, it can vary enormously depending on what you own and want to do.

The consultation is only a few minutes to talk and estimate the scope of work.

Then we usually need a few days to order or prepare the supplies needed. When we come for the organizing session, we usually take a room at the time, empty every closet, drawer, bin and container, we edit, declutter, find a system and organize by category.

Well, that’s why you call an organizer usually because your mess is overwhelming, and it makes you feel bad.

Mess is our battle, that’s what we do, we are strategic and usually come with a plan. You will be surprised how your space will be transformed after a few hours, and proud of how it looks.

It is easier when kids are not around, especially when we work in their area (playroom, bedroom, desk) because they are sentimental, they don’t like strangers to touch their things and they can slow us down by not wanting us to be in their space.


We prioritize, it is always better to start where you spend the most time like your Kitchen, living room, bedroom or desk. Once an area is done, we move to the next one.

If your budget only allows you to do one or two areas, you can call us again in a few weeks for another area.


We send you a proposal after the first consultation with the time estimated, our rates and the budget for the organization supplies needed. Once you approve it will stick to it. If we realize during the project that we are getting close or slightly over the budget, we will let you know prior and never will go over without your approval.

We organize every physical space in your home, office, store, school etc.

We mostly work with clients that feel overwhelmed, that do not have the time or just don’t know what to do. We also work a lot with moves to help pack and unpack. 


Our clients are mostly single persons or families that need help to reorganize their home.

The easiest way is to give us a call or send an email and will take it from there.

You should expect to come back, when our job is done, to a sleek and organized place where you can find everything, where it is easy to navigate, where each item has a spot and where you feel relieved and happy.

Just a call, we book the days we estimated for you, so a few days in advance will be greatly appreciated.

We absolutely do unpack from a move; we unpack and set / organize everything in your new space. This is actually a very good option, and it will only take us a few days to unpack your home, you will feel free of stress, completely unpacked, and leave in a very organized place within a few days.

This should be part of your Moving budget, it takes a lot of pressure out of your hands, and you can move in very quickly without the hassle.

You should work with Sleek Living NY because we are a full-service company, we bring to your space every material that will be needed and do our work quickly and efficiently.

We can also provide referrals from our clients, we have amazing reviews, and we are also very nice, which is a plus, even though we are French lol.

No, we do not clean, we are not cleaning ladies or maids. We ask before we arrive that your dishes are done, your laundry too, so when we start organizing, we have all your items that fit.

When we speak with clients for the first time, it is usually the first statement we hear. A lot of people are feeling very insecure and feel like their house is the worst. Most of the time it is not the case, having us give you a new vision and very easy solution to use your space and put things away.

The relationship that clients build with us is very personal, and so your experience will depend on what you’re trying to get out of it. Maybe you need someone who will get to the root of why your disorganization or lack of productivity is happening in the first place, and will help you work through the psychological part. Professional organizers work a whole spectrum of services to help people.


It is very emotional for many people to let us in their privacy go through your life, but we are here to help you make the best decision and will never push you to separate from sentimental items.

We work with you; the client will always be the one who tells us what to keep or not. We will work with you to try to declutter as much as possible, but our clients will have the last word. Our goal is not to trash all of your belongings, it is only to try to keep what has a meaning or he needs.

Yes, we offer a first consultation, usually about 30min, it's free.

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